Last One In Episode 072

September 8, 2017

Against Me! - Miami

Cheap Perfume - It's Okay to punch Nazis
Iron Chic - My Best Friend (Is a Nihlist)
Hot Water Music - Complicated
Downtown Boys - Lips That Bite
Propagandhi - Failed Imagineer

Flamingo 50 - Count to Three
The Clash - Hate & War
Exit Order - Cornered
Ninja Gun - Picture of A Bot in His Prime
J Church - She Says
Samiam - Full On

Family Cat - Pith
Black God -Womb to Knife
Two Houses - Never Come Down
No Hope For The Kids - Treblinka
RVIVR - The Sound
The Bomb - Hardly Shed A Tear

Planes Mistaken For Stars - End Me in Richmond/Hollowpoint And Whiskey



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