Last One In Episode 062

May 12, 2017

Gunmoll - Nowhere

LeadBelly - John Hardy
Circle Takes the Square - The Ancestral Other Side
Eric "Monty" Morris - Get Your Feet Moving
Roxy Music - Mother of Pearl
Melvins - Joan of Arc

Pist - Slogans
Code Orange Kids - Walls
Western Addiction - Clatter and Hiss (Demo)
Off WIth Their Heads - Keep Falling Down

The Observers - Lead Pill
House Boat - Real Life as a Metaphor for Real Life
The Bayonettes - Dead End Kids
Descendents - I'm The One/Coffee Mug

Face to Face - Disconnected
The Vandals - Failure is the Best Revenge
The Lawrence Arms - Great Lakes/Great Escapes


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