Last One In Episode 059

March 25, 2017

Hot Water Music - Never Ender

Heavy Pockets - Lacking
Punch - Missing Piece
Monikers - Fallen Angels
The Copyrights - Playing Dead
Nasty Facts - Crazy About You

The Challengers - K-39
The Lillingtons - I don't Think She Cares
Mary Monday - Popgun
The Soviettes - Photograph
John Lennon - Working Class Hero

No///se - Vacation
MDC - Let's Kill All The Cops
Die Kreuzen - Enemies
Nirvana - About A Girl/School
Propagandhi - I Am Rifle

City Mouse - You/Bird song/Dumb Dumb Dumb/The Rhyme
Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles/Tune It Out/Comforting The Disturbed



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