Last One In Episode 056

February 18, 2017

UV-TV - Only Matters When

Career Suicide - Distractions/Suffocate
Iron Reagan - Grim Business*
Western Addiction - Teadium
The Menzingers - Midwestern States
Meat Wave - Run You Out

Lunachicks - Cumming into my own
Common Rider - A place where we can stay
Dead End - The Children
Basement Benders - Modern Medicine
Strike Anywhere - Lights Go Out

Leatherface - Fat, Earthy, Flirt
The Queers - Nowhere at All
The Lawrence Arms - The Redness in the West
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Woke Up Near Chelsea
Drive Like Jehu - New Math

Sonic Youth - Stalker
Wire - Outdoor Miner
Hi Ho, Six SHooter! - If Only You Were Lonely (Replacements)


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