Last One In Episode 055

January 26, 2017

Hot Water Music - No Division

New Bruises - There Was Only One Johnny Cash
The Measure (Sa) - Countdown
Tranzmitors - Nervous Breakdown
Army Of Ponch - Wellington, Ohio

AFI - Wake up Call
Grade - Instrumental
Los Olvidados - Pay Salvation
Dan Padilla - We Run

Born Against - Reist Control
Nofx - Idiots Are Taking Over
Propagandhi - War Is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom...
Cheap Perfume - Trump Roast

Aus-Rotten - No Change, No Future, We're Lost
Subhumans - Rest-Play-Die
Against All Authority - Corporate Takeover
No Weater Talks - Nazi Scum Has Gotta Die

Anti-Flag - No Borders No Nations
Stains - Born to Die
Behind Enemy Lines - As Fascism Takes Root
Swallowing Shit - Pro-Abortion Anti-Christ


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