Last One In Episode 083

April 21, 2018

Grabass Charlestons - I'm So Happy I Could Shit

The Raging Nathans - Florida Days
Treasure Isle All Stars - Alley Cat Ska
All - Until I Say So
Wonk Unit - Go Easy
Code Orange Kids - Erase Me
Propagandhi - Rock For Sustainable Capitalism

La Peche - Trench Coat
Mayflower - Deadication
Joy Division - Disorder
The Pretenders - Something to Believe In (Ramones)
The Clash - Garageland

Psyched To Die - OCD Life
Kid Dynamite - Birthday
Career Suicide - The Last Say
The Lawrence Arms - Are you Three Margaret? It's Me God.
J Church - Where The Trains Go

The Soviettes - Sixty Days
Iron Chic - To Shreds, You Say?


Last One In Episode 082

March 10, 2018

Radon - Saint In A Bottle

Frenzal Rhomb - I Went Out With A Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her
Nikki Lane - I Don't Care
Bad Sleep - I Hide
Off With Their Heads - I Just Want You To Know
The Mr. T Experience - I Wanna Ramone You

The Cure - The Walk
Defect Defect - My Life Is Like Death
Two Houses - Never Come Down
The Slow Death - A Little Less Ugly
This Is My Fist! - I'm Not Even Trying

Gouge Away - Uproar
Caves - I'm Not Sorry
The White Stripes - I Fought Piranhas
The Crumbs - Iggy Can't Lose
Bad Religion - Part III
Devo - Com Back Jonee
Get Dead - Bartender

Radon - Go Forth And Hate One Another


Last One In Episode 081

February 23, 2018

Die Hoffnung - Horses on Fire

Die Hoffnung - The Creation of Wealth
Nasal Boys - Hot Love
The Germs - We Must Bleed
Tilt - Libel
The Arteries - Truckin'

Social Circkle - City Shock
The Bouncing Souls - Neurotic
Big Eyes - Back From The Moon
Rumspringer - Underwater
Traveling - End of the Summer
Young Livers - A Shortness of Breath

Nina Simone - To Love Somebody
Elvis Costello - Chelsea
The Avengers - Open Your Eyes
Banner Pilot - Pensacola
RVIVR - Elizabethan Collar (jimbo)

Screaming Females - Soft Domination


Last One In Episode 080

February 17, 2018

UV-TV - Violent Days

Baby's Got A Gun - Suicide Girl
Pumps - Let's Ride
Rob The Bank - Sad Sack Sam
Randoms - Let's Get Rid of New York
Face to Face - Falling

Hot Water Music - High Class Catastrophe
Nofx - Scavenger Type
Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Working
The Bomb - Won't Apologize
Jawbreaker - I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both

Joe Strummer - X-Ray Style
Sundials - Carver Blues
Against Me! - Pints of Guinnesss Make You Strong
The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
R. Lewis Band - Get Off The Road

Dead to Me - Fear Is the New Bliss
Half of some Jeff Rosenstock song


Last One In Episode 079

January 27, 2018

Hot Water Music - Complicated

Piss Test - Basement
Limp Wrist - Thick Skin
The Lillingtons - Night Visions
Iron Chic - To Shred, You Say?
Propagandhi - Adventures in Zoochosis

The Jermz - Me and My Baby
The Vandals - Stop Smiling
Mutley Chix - Six Senior Citizens Packed in A Pontiac
Low Culture - Georgia
Sonic Youth - Drunken Butterfly

Joyce Manor - Beach Community
Bad Religion - Generator (Live)
Clorox Girs - Flowers of Evil
The Eat - Silly Drug Songs
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love?

Gaunt - Ignored
Title Fight - Secret Society


Last One In Episode 078

December 23, 2017

Gouge Away - Swallow

Black God - Politics and The Internet
Priests - Appropriate
Dead Bars - Tear Shaped Bruis
Crusades - The Scorching Fevers/Whirr and Chime

Big Boi - Made Men
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - If We Were Vampires
Mastodon - Show Yourself
Lorde - Liability

Camp Cope - The Opener
Pumps - Hot Glue
Cheap Perfume - It's Okay (To Punch Nazis)
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Victoria
Lapeche - Queen and Sister
Psychic Subcreatures - Feverish

Propagandhi - When All Your Fears Collide


Last One In Episode 077

December 16, 2017


UV-TV - Fear

Career Suicide - Point of No Return
Sciatic Nerve - Buy a Horse
Iron Reagan - Twist Your Fate
Western Addiction - Clatter and Hiss/Masscult, Vulgarians and Entitle

Tim Barry - High on 95
Sincere Engineer - Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7
The Smith Street Band - Birthdays
Worriers - Gaslighter/Not Your Type

Caves - 16
Partial Traces - Glass Beach
Allout Helter - Maximum Helter
Cayetana - Am I Dead Yet?
Aye Nako - Sissy

Cheap Whine - A Little Change
City Mouse - Guardians
The Dopamines - Expect the Worst

Propagandhi - Comply/Resist


Last One In Episode 076

December 9, 2017

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Jack Johnson

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
Dag Nasty - What Now?
PJ Harvey 50ft Queenie
The Lawrence Arms - The Northside, The L&L and any number of crappy appartments
Suicide Machines - Break The Glass

The Insults - Tax War
Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night, Stay Home
Strangeways - Wasting Time
The Stimulators - Run Run Run
The Wasps - Teenage Treats

The Swarm - Fucking Invincible at One A.M.
Betercore - Man You Suck!
World's Scariest Police Chases- Adolf Hipster
Sparkmarker - Kansas
Stay Clean Jolene - Easy Target
Weezer - Susanne

Dead Kennedys - Moon Over Marin/Halloween


Last One In Episode 075

December 2, 2017

Young Livers - I'm Infected!

Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain
Direct Hit! - You're Boring
Pears - The World Is Ending
Allout Helter - Andromeda IV
Anti-Flag - Racists
Tim Barry - Slow Down

Petrol Girls - Touch Me Again
Piss Test - Talkin' Shit
Fox Face - Clevery Girl
Gouge Away - Enough
Worriers - Not Your Type

Muscle Beach - Tiger Lily
Coke Bust - Countdown to Death
Weekend Nachos - Pain Over Acceptance
Kid Dynamite - Heart A Tact
Assholeparade - Thief parts 1&2

Gray Matter - Walk The Line
The Replacements - Bastards of Young
Royal Headache - Love Her If I Tried

Star Fucking Hipsters - Ana NG


Last One in Episode 074

November 4, 2017

Gouge Away - Uproar

Screaming Females - Black Moon
The Slow Death - Opposite of Jesse's Girl
Dead Bars - Emergency
The Lillingtons - Villagers/Drawing Down The Stars

Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide/Quarantined
Hot Water Music - Trusty Chords
Worriers - Gaslighter
Post Teens - When I'm Wasted/Crust Lust

City Mouse - Guardians
Smoking Popes - Need You Around
Tiltwheel - Birds Fly
Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Safe/Ruinous Calamity

The Flatliners - Eulogy